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1. How many FULL FRONT FACE photos? ________
2. How many IT'S METM magnet sets?________
(*Each magnet set includes: 1 personalized body and 7 piece color wardrobe.)
3.Each magnet set is $29.95. Your total $________
4. N.Y. residents add 8.25% to above total $________
Shipping and handling is $5.00 per set. Total: $________
For 3 IT'S METM magnet sets add only $10.00
For 4 IT'S METM magnet sets add only $15.00
For 5 IT'S METM magnet sets add only $20.00
6. How would you like to pay? Total amount:$________
Check         Payable to: two lip art - 305 East 11th St. N.Y.City, N.Y. 10003
American Express
Credit Card #:________________________________Exp. date:________________

Name of card holder________________________________________________


7. Ship to:


Photos are sent with order. Please enclose self-addressed envelope if photos are not going to the shipping address. Thank you.